POLICY:    Whenever images are transmitted to WMC for a radiologist reading Athol Hospital personnel will communicate by telephone or pager to the radiologist/resident that the images and fax have been sent.



  1. This procedure is in effect whenever a reading for any radiology examination is needed when a radiologist is not on duty.
  2. Upon completion of the examination the images shall be transmitted to WMC. 
  3. Following the transmission of the images a fax will be sent to WMC.  The fax will include a copy of the examination order, patient demographics, relevant history and any technologist’s notes.
  4. The fax should be transmitted to the following fax numbers at WMC:
    Sunday – Saturday,  8 am – 11 pm,        508-363-7035 (Reading Rm.)
    Sunday – Saturday 11 pm – 8 am,         508-363-3459 (Call Rm.)
  5. When the fax has been sent Athol personnel should contact WMC by calling 508-363-9387 or paging 508-363-5252 pager # 2076.

  6. If the radiologist at WMC has any questions on the images or the fax they should call the Athol Radiology Department at:
    978-249-3511 ext.160, or
    978-249-3511 and have the hospital operator overhead page the technologist.         
  7. After 11 pm, have the operator page the on call technologist.